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Aug 16, 2020

In this interview Anastasia Dokuchaeva, Head of Partnerships at ClauseMatch shares her insights on US vs. Europe's way of adopting new innovative technology for risk & compliance.

In this interview we take a deep dive into the following topics.

  • US vs. Europe’s way of adopting new innovative technology for risk and compliance.
  • New Ways of Working and Normal: what does it mean for compliance?  
  • Anastasia's Experience with the virtual Fintech Innovation Lab in New York.

Two major take-aways from this interview:

What is the new normal for your organization? 

Think of technology that will enable you to work efficiently, to have the transparency and to be able to capture that transparency even though people might be located in different places.

How are you looking to continue working after we get out of this lockdown?

Think of technology not as a magic bullet but as a tool that can help you make things easier and reduce some of the administrative work that employees probably don’t want to do.

You can also watch the original video interview here and read the full transcript here.