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May 5, 2024

In this episode, we delve into proactive cybersecurity and best practices for modern businesses with Ariel Parnes, co-founder of Mitiga and former head of the Israeli intelligence service's cyber department.

With over two decades in IT and cybersecurity, Ariel brings unparalleled insights into cyber warfare and its implications for today's business environment.

We discuss risk management strategies, the inevitability of cyber attacks, and how businesses can enhance their resilience against potential breaches.

If you're a business leader or a cybersecurity professional looking to stay ahead of the curve in cyber risk management, this discussion will equip you with actionable strategies and a deeper understanding of the cyber landscape.

Ariel also sheds light on the shared responsibility model in cloud security and the critical importance of regular cybersecurity exercises, such as tabletop simulations, to prepare organizations for real-world threats.

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