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Jan 10, 2024

Dive into the world of geopolitical risk management with GRI's own Derek Leatherdale a luminary in the field, in this insightful episode.

As a managing director at GRI Strategies, Derek brings a wealth of experience from his tenure at GSBC's and the Risk Coalition, offering a unique perspective on navigating the complexities of global geopolitical volatility.

In this episode, Derek shares his journey from intelligence work to pioneering HSBC's first geopolitical risk function, shedding light on the integration of geopolitical insights into corporate decision-making.

Whether you're a risk manager, a member of a risk committee, or just keen on corporate management and geopolitical risk, there's invaluable wisdom here for you.

Learn about the practical methodologies and frameworks that can be applied to assess and mitigate geopolitical risks effectively.

Discover how companies can not only navigate but also capitalize on geopolitical challenges, turning potential threats into profitable opportunities.

If you want to delve deeper, check out Derek's comprehensive Geopolitical Risk Management Course available on, complete with tools like a self-assessment template and a business impact assessment methodology:  

If you want to be our guest or suggest someone with expertise in Risk Management, Cyber Security, Sustainability, or a Chief Risk Officer role, send your email to with the subject line "Podcast Guest Suggestion - [Your Name/Proposed Guest Name]."

CHAPTERS: 0:00 - Introduction to Geopolitical Risk

1:08 - Career Insights: Derek Leatherdale

6:06 - Understanding Geopolitical Risk Management

6:48 - Identifying Geopolitical Risks

12:06 - Historical Analysis in Geopolitical Risks

14:18 - Geopolitical Risk Assessment Methodologies

17:08 - Capitalizing on Geopolitical Risks

21:44 - Geopolitical Risk Technology Advancements

24:47 - Common Geopolitical Risk Misconceptions

30:50 - Best Practices for Risk Managers

36:52 - Global Risk Academy Course Preview

38:10 - Final Thoughts on Geopolitical Risks