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Jul 19, 2021

Hello and welcome to the new episode of the Risk Management Show brought to you by Global Risk Community.

In this episode, our co-host, Ece Karel  discussed the following topics with the panel of guests - Sylvia Bruce, Steven Gross and Grant Griffiths

Can mental health be considered as a risk?

  1.  whether / how it is a factor;
  2.  part of analysing the drivers of certain risks
  3.  need to understand the prevailing environment and culture;
  4. Can it be measured or identified as part of understanding the organisation's risk profile or creating/changing culture?

“People Risk" aspects of today's workplaces: how can staff  and managers  identify whether mental health is a risk factor which could adversely impact their team’s (and wider organisation’s) performance? 

How can Mental Health as a contributing factor can be addressed (i.e.: mitigated) (prevention vs cure) within a company?

What can organisations do to encourage speaking up about MH?

How well MH is understood as an enabler of business performance, and value creation?

How did COVID-19 & working from home affect mental health?

and more...

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