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Apr 26, 2021

Hello and welcome to the new episode of the Risk Management Show brought to you by Global Risk Community.

This is your host Boris Agranovich and our guest today is Helen Fanucci, a Digital Transformation Sales Leader, Team Builder and Strategic Thinker at Microsoft.

Today we will do a deep dive into digital transformation as many organizations are busier than ever “digitizing”. Microsoft was in a position to “act as digital first responders to the world’s first responders,” when the pandemic hit, as Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella put it.

We discussed the following questions.

What changes are you seeing in the market, how well your clients are impacted by the crisis and what organizations will need to do in order to adapt?

If there is one thing that risk managers should start doing right now that they are not doing currently, what would it be?

As technology changes even faster than the organisations ability to change how can you balance these cultural and technological changes to ensure your company competes and continue growing?

 and more...