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Aug 9, 2020

In this interview John McMahon, C&R Thought Leader at FICO® shares his insights on Digital collections and trends in the broader Fintech landscape .

We discuss the following topics:

• What FICO does in relation to Collections and Recovery – the C&R landscape here & key building blocks

• What changes are we seeing in the market, what organizations will need to do in order to adapt.

The 4 strategic changes that have been driven by the market:

• Focus on agility to change at pace

• Digital collections – learn about FICO Customer Communication Services integration with FICO Debt Manager & FICO’s partnership with OpenWrks in the UK

• Collections analytics – optimization

• Focus on the customer – driving positive customer outcomes & how Debt Manager & the whole landscape together can do this

To learn more, go to FICO's Community Collections and Recovery Group – a place to access the latest FICO Debt Manager and C&R product information, case studies, events, Q&A’s, and technical blog posts.