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Jun 3, 2024

In this episode of the Risk Management Show, we dive into the critical topic of "Safeguarding Elections: AI's Role and Risks" with Matthew Krayton, founder of Publicis.

Matthew, a seasoned expert in public relations, public affairs, and digital strategy, shares his insights on the profound impact of AI on our electoral systems.

We discuss the threats posed by AI, the spread of disinformation, and how AI-generated content can potentially undermine the integrity of elections.

Discover valuable insights from an expert and understand the vital role of AI in modern democracy. Join us for a compelling discussion on ensuring the integrity of our elections in the digital age.

Matthew also explores strategies to protect our democratic processes and the future of AI regulations.

Learn how governments and businesses can implement measures to safeguard elections against AI-driven threats and the importance of public awareness and education in media literacy.

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