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Jan 15, 2021

Hello and welcome to the new episode of the Risk Management Show brought to you by Global Risk Community.

This is your host Boris Agranovich and our guest today is Mike Gillespie, Director at Advent IM and VP at The Centre for Strategic Cyberspace

From fears of a cyberspace-based New Cold War between Global Powers to emerging fraud threats to financial services companies, small businesses, consumers, and work-from-anywhere employees, the issue of cybersecurity is likely to loom large over all technology discussions in 2021.
Listen to this interview with Mike Gillespie, who is a Global Influencer in the area of Internet Security.

We discussed the following questions.

  1. Does remote working seem like a trend that will continue even if lockdowns abate?  
  2. What additional risk does remote working offer business? Do these new risks really require special attention to mitigate?
  3. How do information security professionals feel about such widespread remote team requirements?
  4. What part has the relationship between communications and security played in remote working success?
  5. How are senior leadership attitudes changing and adapting to remote leadership?
  6. Security commentators are reporting a rise in sales of software to remotely monitor staff, sold as ‘productivity monitoring’. What are your thoughts on this and where do you think the line between spying and reasonable monitoring, lies? What do employers need to be wary of legally and ethically?
  7. I would like to take this opportunity to ask you about the massive breach involving SolarWinds and, allegedly, Russian hackers. How do you think about this incident as a professional and how should we think about it as individuals, consumers, etc.?
  8. Finally Brexit and Data Protection risk. How will EU based data controllers and processors with customers data or an establishment in UK, now have to interact with UK data protection authorities ?