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Jul 14, 2022

Hello and welcome to the new episode of the Risk Management Show brought to you by Global Risk Community.

We spoke recently with J. Richard Claywell, CPA and founder of, lecturer at University of Houston and a fellow host of the Litigation Speaks podcast.

Here are some major points that we have discussed.

What is business valuation?

How a business owner can improve his/her business valuation when they prepare to be acquired?

How can a business know when they’re being taken advantage of by their CPA?

What are some common mistakes made during business valuation?

What are some of the ways that financial experts can determine when numbers have been falsified?

What actions can business owners take to mitigate fraud risks?

What are some ways that businesses can add value before selling?

and more... 

You can reach Richard for all your additional questions vis the following numbers: 281-488-7531 | toll-free: 866-499-7531

If you want to be our guest, or you know some one who would be a great guest on our show, just send your email to with a subject line “Global Risk Community Show” and give a brief explanation of what topic you would like to to talk about and we will be in touch with you asap.