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Jun 2, 2023

Welcome to the second episode of Risk Radar, where we dive into a topic that has garnered significant attention within our community. In the past month, the focus on Geopolitical Risk has intensified, driven by the current state of the world. As such, we’ve delved into Geopolitical Risk, and addressed several key questions:

  • How do geopolitical risks influence businesses in terms of their strategy, innovation, and bottom-line performance?
  • What are the linkages between geopolitics and ESG factors, and how can organizations effectively navigate these interconnections?
  • What are the common obstacles that firms encounter when managing geopolitical risks, and how can these challenges be overcome?
  • From the standpoint of external stakeholders such as investors, governments, and regulators, how are their views on geopolitical risk and corporate exposures evolving?
  • What are the primary methods for businesses to assess and mitigate geopolitical risks in their current operations and long-term planning?
  • How do cybersecurity and third-party vendor management intersect with geopolitical risk management? What considerations should organizations bear in mind when integrating these aspects?

and more. 

For more information regarding these topics we recommend to check our recent Risk Management Show Episode with Brian Zawada and our recent Geopolitical Risk Management Course with Derek Leatherdale.