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Sep 12, 2023

Join us in the fifth episode of Risk Radar as we revisit the ever-evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), delving into their profound impact on supplier data management.
We explore below topics:
  • Limitations of traditional supplier data management methods, and why there is a need for agility and adaptability in managing modern supplier challenges.
  • How AI and ML are revolutionizing supplier data management, improving data accuracy, and providing predictive insights.
  • How AI and ML reinforce data protection while simultaneously enhancing data quality, including specific techniques for safeguarding sensitive information.
  • How to achieve quantifiable improvements in risk assessment, supplier performance prediction, and fraud detection that drive informed decision-making.
  • Tangible benefits and cost savings organizations can expect, by implementing these technologies.
and more…
For more information regarding these topic we recommend to check our recent Risk Management Show Episode with Stephany Lapierre.
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