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Dec 5, 2023

Join us in the sixth episode of Risk Radar as we discuss Blockchain, as it has been a prominent topic from different angles in the past month within our community.

We discuss below topics:

  • How do digital currencies and blockchain technology address challenges in cross-border payments and support international e-commerce and trade growth?
  • Why are real-world assets (RWAs) a hot topic in DeFi, and how can tokenizing RWAs attract users to blockchain?
  • How can the convergence of traditional finance and blockchain lead to high-yield financial products? What are the benefits and risks of this integration, and how they effect risk landscape for organisations?
  • How can organisations develop quantifiable metrics, or include in their risk management strategies for new risks introduced by technologies like blockchain, considering the limitations of legacy risk management frameworks?

For more information regarding this topic, we recommend to check our recent Risk Management Show Episodes with Lisa Nestor, and Claude Eguienta.


If you want to be our guest, or you know some one who would be a great guest on our show, just send your email to with a subject line “Global Risk Community Show” and give a brief explanation of what topic you would like to to talk about and we will be in touch with you asap.