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Feb 23, 2023

Listen to our interview with Shiran Weitzman and Ofir Shabtai. 

Shiran is the CEO and Co-Founder at Shield and Ofir is Co-Founder & CTO @ Shield.

We discussed the following topics among others. 

Shield just announced a $20M series B financial round. What it’s like to raise during this economic climate?

Shield was built to solve financial compliance related matters specifically. That’s not a common choice, tell us what drove you there?

What’s the main challenge Shield is trying to solve and how.

What is their approach to innovation and why Shield’s technology so unique?

We see a lot of regulatory pressure and fines around the use of WhatsApp in financial services, what’s your view on that?

Where do you see Shield in 5 years? What are the challenges you plan on solving?

and more.

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