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Nov 30, 2020

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Hello and welcome to the new episode of the Risk Management Show brought to you by Global Risk Community.

Today after conducting 18 interview epizodes on our show, we will do a solo episode.

In this episode we will make a review of some of our best recent blog posts...

Nov 23, 2020

Sometimes in history events happen that don't cause big changes they accelerate changes that were already in the works.  What's happening right now in terms of supply chain risk evaluations is exactly that. 
Before the COVID crisis there was a growing trend to reduce onsite supplier audits, especially in the CSR...

Nov 15, 2020

In this interview Roger Hale CISO at BigID, shares his insights on Trends in Data Privacy.

We touch the following topics.

- What is the main idea behind creating BigId;

- impact of GDPR, context of the data usage which is so critical to privacy

- concepts of privacy, from a security, from the data governance perspective,...

Nov 9, 2020

In this interview Anton Lissone, CTO at SAI  Global shares his insights on what works now in the GRC space and how organizations should approach their GRC projects

The main topics discussed are: Risk and Learning, Risk management, Internal Control, Business Continuity management, Vendor management and Policy...