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Mar 1, 2024

In this episode of Risk Management show, we sit down with Aaron Painter, CEO of NameTag Inc., to discuss innovative strategies for combating social engineering attacks at IT help desks.

With a wealth of experience in global tech leadership, including key roles at Microsoft and as Amazon's largest partner in Europe, Aaron offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of cyber security risk management.

Our conversation explores Aaron's motivations for focusing on identity verification, the challenges posed by current authentication methods, and the potential of biometric solutions to enhance security against cyber threats.

Aaron's transition from a global tech executive to leading a cybersecurity firm provides a unique perspective on the obstacles and solutions in protecting digital identities.

If you're involved in risk management, cyber security, or are interested in safeguarding your organization from the growing threat of hacking, this discussion is essential listening.

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Aaron Painter Career Insights 

Identity Authentication Trends 

Deepfakes Cybersecurity Threats 

Addressing Cybersecurity Risks 

Risk Management Priorities 

Identity Verification Myths 


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