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Mar 25, 2024

In this episode of the Global Risk Community chat, we tackle the urgent topic of the "Ransomware Surge" and how businesses can protect themselves.

Featuring Aviral Verma, an Information Security Specialist at Securin, we delve into the alarming rise in ransomware attacks plaguing industries worldwide. Verma brings a wealth of knowledge from the front lines of cyber security, offering invaluable insights into evolving ransomware tactics and the critical steps businesses must take to fortify their defenses.

We discussed the transformation of ransomware from isolated incidents to sophisticated, corporate-like operations, highlighting the necessity for proactive risk management and robust cyber security measures. Verma’s expertise in navigating the cyber threat landscape provides our viewers with actionable strategies to identify vulnerabilities, prioritize threat management, and implement effective defense mechanisms against potential ransomware intrusions.

If you're concerned about the growing threat of ransomware to your business, this conversation is a must-watch. Gain perspective from a leading expert in the field and learn how to safeguard your organization against these increasingly frequent and costly attacks.

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