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Mar 18, 2024

Navigating the complex landscape of AI and new regulations in risk management has never been more critical. In this episode, we dive into the intricacies with Brad Hibbert, COO and CSO of, a leader in third-party risk management.

Brad brings unparalleled expertise, discussing the commercial, reputational, and compliance risks AI poses and the strategic importance of developing a robust AI policy for safeguarding against these risks.

Whether it’s enhancing your organization's protective measures or understanding the global regulatory framework, this dialogue is packed with insights that every risk management professional and enthusiast must hear.

If you're keen on staying ahead in the rapidly evolving field of risk management, cyber security, and sustainability, you won't want to miss Brad's analytical deep-dive into AI regulations and their impact on third-party risk strategies.

For those looking to contribute to the conversation or share their expertise, we invite you to be our guest. Send your email with the subject "Podcast Guest Suggestion" to, and let's explore the future of risk management together.