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Aug 8, 2022

In this episode you will hear Martina’s insights on ESG data, ESG consideration, analysis and how to incorporate those in the investment process.

We’ve also talked about her new upcoming book on this topic, “ESG Investing and Analysis - A Practitioner’s Guide” which you can preorder here:

Martina Macpherson, FICRS, has a long-term track record in sustainable investing, data, frameworks and solutions. She is Head of ESG Product Management at SIX - the Swiss Exchanges Group and a Board Member of the Network for Sustainable Financial Markets.

She is also a visiting fellow at Henley Business School and a guest lecturer at University of Zurich. She has been recognised as a one of the Top 50 Women in Finance (World Finance Forum 2022), and as a strategic engager and influencer (Commetric ESG Influencer Index, 2020, 2021; Modern Slavery Influencer Index, 2018) for her ESG strategy, product and thematic research and standard setting work in sustainable investing across industry and academia.

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